Ten Tips to Cut Costs on your monthly bills

Ten Tips to Cut Costs on your monthly bills
Whether you are trying to put more money into your savings account or save up for a vacation or home improvements, cutting costs on your monthly bills is a good way to do so. Here are 10 tips to cut your costs.

1. Take your lunch to work
Taking your lunch to work rather than eating out every day can save you a bundle, anywhere from $25 to $50 a week, depending on how much you spend.

2. Brew your own coffee
Another food expense that most people spend way too much on is a coffee or latte. Brew your own at home and you could save a couple of dollars a day.

3. Drop the movie channels
Cable TV is expensive enough without adding the cost of a movie package. Drop the movies and you could save $10, $15 or even more a month.

4. Look at bundling cable services
If you are getting your cable TV, Internet and phone from different companies, you are probably paying too much. Bundling all of these services with one company should save you at least $10 or $20 a month.

5. Bundle your insurance policies
Just as with TV and phone, you can bundle your different insurance policies to get discounts. The most common policies to bundle are home and auto.

6. Refinance debt
Refinancing your mortgage and credit card debt to get lower interest rates can save you a ton of money.

7. Buy items in bulk
Buying grocery and other items in large quantities can save you money. Just be sure it’s not something that will expire before you use it.

8. Improve your home’s energy efficiency
Replacing your traditional light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones can save you on energy costs, as can installing a programmable thermostat.

9. Cancel services you don’t use
If you never go to the gym or never watch your movie-streaming service, cancel them and save the monthly fee you are paying.

10. Cut down on entertainment
Go to free concerts and host parties at home instead of going out for drinks.


Home Entertainment Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 7 Tips

Especially with modern technology, having an amazing home entertainment system does not have to be hard. Simply follow these steps to take your personal cinema to the next level!

1.) If you have enough space in your home, try clearing out a room specifically for your home theater. Not only does it make it seem even more real, but you will have more room for other cinema additions.

2.) If you do not have enough room, try using your living room instead. Even then, you do not have to compromise your living space; just mount your television onto the wall.

3.) Get the latest surround sound technology. This will make the experience even more immersive, and many companies offer speakers that will actually look good even in plain view.

4.) Try experimenting with places to put your speakers, like in your ceiling. This can make the movies seem almost tangible, and it leaves room for other things in your theater.

5.) Have the lighting in your personal cinema coincide with your movies. If the movie is on, program the lights to automatically dim. If people need to take a snack break, consider using LED lights as a pathway. This is not only convenient, but it provides the perfect theater atmosphere.

6.) Make sure your seating is high quality. After all, that is one of the most important factors in a good theater, considering everyone will be sitting around for hours at a time. Whether you use fancy recliners for adults or bean bags for children, your guests and family members will be sure to appreciate this addition.

7.) In order to make your home theater experience the best it can be, it is also a good idea to be able to conceal your screen and projector. That way, they will not be in the way when you are not actually watching a movie, and they have less chances to get damaged. Furthermore, it really does add to the “cinema” effect when your projector and screen suddenly descend from the ceiling when it is movie time! Also, you might consider getting Frontier Internet Redmond, as they offer TV, Internet and phone services.

How Technology Is Replacing People

How Technology Is Replacing People
With the advancement of technology comes gaming and social networks. Twenty years ago, a social gathering consisted of going out to lunch with friends, having a date with the significant other, going to a dinner party. Now socializing seems to consist strictly of Twitter and Facebook. Many have become obsessed with it that they no longer spend time with their well meaning friends and they are now spending time with their online friends whom they may never meet in person.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, many families gathered in the park for a cook out and nice friend game of volleyball. In the Twentyfirst century we do not see that much of it. Even in the 1980s, many teenagers were playing cards and board games and now most of them are playing xBox, Wii, and PC gaming. There is nothing wrong with these gaming systems but when it becomes obsessive to the point where someone forgets mealtimes and homework and about sleeping, that is when it is self destructive behavior. With these gaming systems, many who play them are more worried about leveling and visiting dungeons in a fantasy world with their online friends than they are about their friends at school or their school events.

Facebook now has games too where many are worried about leveling. Facebook was originally started as a tool to keep in touch with relatives, long distance friends, and family. Now it is used a means to air out grievances, talk about what was eaten for lunch, what is being served for dinner every night and how much laundry is being done tonight. Many also talk about how they suffer from insomnia problems. These are matters which should stay in one’s own residence.

There is nothing wrong in talking about hobbies or crafts or anything extraordinary that happened at the job that day but mundane things tend to get boring to many people and using Facebook as a psychologist’s couch is not exactly in good social taste.

Similar things have also happened on YouTube which was originally meant as a media to publicize vacation events or how to videos.

There is nothing wrong with technology, gaming, or social media. It is just that it should be used as what it was invented for and not to be abused.